Youth Center Rules


(updated 1/22/14)

Violation of any rule, regulation, or guideline will result in disciplinary action ranging from verbal warnings to suspension or permanent expulsion from the Braintree Community Youth Center (BCYC). The disciplinary action will be more severe if the violation is deemed more serious. Our volunteers will make an attempt to notify parents of behavior problems. The behavior guidelines are to ensure the BCYC is a place for teens to feel comfortable, respected, and safe.

The behavior guidelines are as follows:

Sign In Table

Members should always have their current Youth Center ID with them when visiting the Youth Center. If you forget your card there will be a $1.00 admission fee at the door.

There is one entrance and exit to the Youth Center! Each member must sign in with the adult at the sign in table before heading into the Youth Center. Any member who brings a guest must also sign in his or her guest on a separate sign-in sheet. The member will be responsible for the behavior of the guest. In the event of any offense by the guest the member will receive the penalties due and the guest will be barred permanently.  When leaving, members must sign out and exit through the same door. All emergency exits are strictly off limits except in an emergency. Anyone violating the one entrance/exit rule will have his or her right to use the Youth Center suspended.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please do not arrive at the Youth Center before the 6:00pm opening as staff needs time to open and prepare the facilities. Do not hang around after the 9:00pm (Friday) or 10:00pm (Saturday) closing. Parents, please be on time to pick up your children. Once a member has arrived at the Youth Center and checked in he or she can check out and leave at any time.  Members, once signed in, must remain in the building until they are picked up; no leaving and re-entering the center is allowed.  Loitering outside the building after sign-out if not allowed.

Parents, please make sure that your child has entered the building when dropping him or her off. Also, if the Youth Center has reached its member capacity on a given night we will post a large sign at the front door that states “FULL”. Do not drop off children when the sign has been placed at the door.

Staff and Volunteers

Adult staff and volunteers are always present at the Youth Center. A Braintree police officer may stop by the Youth Center for a casual visit. Parents and other adult community members are always welcome and are encouraged to stop in and observe the action at the Youth Center at any time. Also, parents and adult community members are asked to volunteer a few hours of their time each month in order to keep the Youth Center open at all scheduled times. There are times when we may not open our doors. In the event that we are understaffed due to a lack of adult volunteers we may be forced to keep the Youth Center from opening.

Prohibited Items

Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises of 74 Pond Street, inside or outside. Any person in attendance, or attempting to gain admittance, that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is found to be in possession of a weapon, drugs, or alcohol, including tobacco, will be asked to wait in the Youth Center office until the parents and/or police are called and arrive. We may ask anyone with large backpacks or handbags to leave them at the sign in table.

*No opened food or drinks will be allowed to be brought into the Youth Center. Any member attempting to bring food or drink in will be asked to leave it at the door until he or she leaves.

No weapons of any kind are permitted in the Teen Center. This includes guns, knives, tools, bats, razor blades or any other devices that may be used as a weapon.

No smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or the taking of illegal drugs is permitted on the facility grounds.  Such behavior will result in immediate action taken such as legal and expulsion from the Teen Center.

Respectful Behavior

All persons in attendance at the Youth Center will be respectful of all others and the property of all others at all times. The use of aggressive physical contact (This includes fighting, play fighting, rough housing and wrestling), vulgar gestures , abusive or obscene language, including but not limited to, racial, sexual or religious references directed at other members, guests, volunteers, or staff may result in a temporary suspension of the member’s right to use the Youth Center or possibly being permanently barred from the Youth Center.

Appropriate clothing is to be worn while in the Teen Center or while attending a Teen Center activity off site. This includes but is not limited to sagging, excessively loose or revealing clothing, clothing that displays or makes drug, tobacco or alcohol references.

The Youth Center facility (including materials and equipment) must be respected at all times. Anyone identified as purposely defacing and/or damaging any Youth Center property will be responsible for returning the property to its proper condition and will result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion.

Keep your displays of affection private. No hugging, kissing, holding hands, sitting on laps or other displays of affection.  Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Theft and acts of vandalism are prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion.  The Teen Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

No bullying, hazing, or verbal abuse will be tolerated.

No disrupting of normal Teen Center activities.

Teen Center members must receive permission from volunteers before using facility phones. The phone is not to be used for leisure calls.

Clean up after yourself. Failure to do so could result in loss of certain privileges associated with the Youth Center.

Video Game Policy

BCYC allows members in grades 9-12 to play and watch rated M video games between 9 and 10 p.m. on Saturday nights. Only games that staff have reviewed and determined to be suitable for members will be allowed. BCYC does not purchase Rated M games, but will allow members to bring in their own.


If non-compliance is exhibited to any of the above mentioned rules, regulations, or guidelines, the following actions will be followed by BCYC. Certain actions may result in immediate suspension or expulsion depending on severity. Compliance with these rules is mandatory.

1st Infraction –  A warning will be issued in the form of a verbal reprimand.

2nd Infraction  – Behavior will be documented and parent/guardian will be notified. Depending on severity, participant may be asked to leave.  If problem persists, behavior will be documented and parent/guardian will be notified. Suspension or expulsion from the Teen Center will be applicable.  Legal action will be taken if necessary and the proper authorities will be contacted.